Innovation in Resource Re-use at A1 Concrete Recyclers

Concrete Aggregate Mix and Road base

A1 Concrete Recyclers are committed to innovation and re-using Australia’s valuable resources.

From recycled crushed concrete waste materials, A1 Concrete Recyclers produce quality materials for the construction industry.

These include:

• 40/20ml concrete aggregate mix
• 60/40ml concrete aggregate mix
• 20ml road base

Australia’s construction industry is experiencing massive growth.(1) There is no sign of slowing with experts tipping continued growth over the coming years. The demand for construction materials is growing as a result. The construction industry in Australia and the world are facing two major issues.

1) Dwindling raw construction materials

2) Environmental degradation.

The industry is looking to recycled concrete products as opposed to virgin quarried materials.

Why is Recycled Crushed Concrete Preferred?


• Recycled crushed concrete aggregates and road bases cost less than virgin quarried materials.(2)
• Sydney has had a 70% price increase in virgin quarried materials. This has been due to a lack of local virgin products.(2)
• Recycled crushed concrete materials are available and don’t need to be mined and hauled across state lines.
• Recycled crushed concrete materials don’t incur costs associated with mining and land excavation, labour, tools or industry associated fees for mining natural resources.(2)
• Often, recycled crushed concrete weighs less than virgin quarried materials so you get more per tonne – and more for every dollar.
• Recycled crushed concrete promotes industry growth, sustainable long-term employment and the economy.
• Avoids the costs of dumping concrete waste into landfill.(3)
• Dramatically reduces costs of claiming land for landfill.(4)

Environmentally Friendly

• Recycled concrete products aren’t mined thus avoid over-exploitation of Australia’s natural resources, landscape, flora and fauna.(3, 4)
• Uses less energy to produce equivalent quantities of virgin quarried products.(2)
• Produces less land, air, CO2 and water pollution than mining.(4)
• Reduces the amount of land pollution caused from dumping concrete waste.
• Reduces the amount of land needed to be claimed for landfill.
• Reduces destruction of traditional sacred sites of Australia’s indigenous peoples.(2)


• Recycled crushed concrete produces equally durable and effective aggregate mixes and road bases (compared to virgin).(2, 5)
• Due to the ‘cement’ element of the recycled crushed concrete it has a high water absorption rate.(5)
• Suitable for non-structural and some structural applications.(5)

Product Availability

• Even before the current growth of the construction industry started, Australia was recovering ample concrete for recycling.
• A 2017(4) report stated that almost half of Australia’s waste comes from the construction industry.(3)
• The same report also stated that 81% of that waste was concrete materials.(3, 4)
• Unlike mined materials, recycled crushed concrete does not rely on being
geographically close to a mine.(2)
• Easier to access in the inner city and greater Sydney region than hauling mined materials over long distances.
• Sydney and Melbourne have the largest sources of concrete products for recycling.(5)

A1 Concrete Recyclers prides themselves on the quality of their recycled crushed concrete products.
To discuss how recycled crushed concrete can be used in your next construction project, contact A1 Concrete Recyclers.
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