Resources for Australia’s Future

A1 Concrete Recyclers don’t just do concrete and brick recycling

All types of concrete and brick materials that would otherwise be dumped can be turned into innovative new products. The A1 mission doesn’t stop there though!

Recycle, Save and Re-Purpose

• Bricks
• Concrete
• Roof Tiles
• Concrete & Bricks Mixed

If you have materials you are not sure if we can accept, give us a quick phone call on (02) 9820 5544 or 0412 473 755.

Eco-Friendly Waste Re-Purposing – It Just Makes Sense

Across Sydney there are countless civil and construction sites littered with materials. They could be being recycled rather than taking up valuable space in landfill. It makes sense to re-use our valuable resources rather than dumping them.

Furthermore, construction waste dumping can incur hundreds of dollars of fees. When you need a reliable business to take care of concrete and brick recycling, you can depend on A1 Concrete Recyclers. Together we can turn expensive landfill into new products. And! We’ll be doing our part for both the Sydney and global environment.

Building and Development Applications

In building and development applications, you will be asked how concrete waste will be gathered, stored and treated. Engaging A1 Concrete Recyclers gives peace of mind. You can rely on A1 to see to it that all recycling will be done in line with government legislations. For some projects, this may also mediate the need for onsite water treatment and concrete waste facilities.(1) Imagine the project savings!

Why is it Important?

Aside from the benefits to construction project costs, recycling Australia’s valuable resources allows us to:

• Maintain and extend the longevity of virgin quarry materials.
• Reduce power and water costs for using all virgin quarry materials.
• Provide us with equal or better quality of virgin quarry materials.
• Increase sustainable, long-term jobs.
• Boost the local, state and national economies.
• Reduce the need for more land to be claimed for landfill.
• Reduce land pollution.
• Reduce the risk of contaminants leaching into our soil which impacts soil pH and quality.

Australia generates more waste than other developed countries.(2) We have an incredible amount of resources that can and should be re-used. We have the opportunity to re-purpose, save money, protect our environment and boost our economy.

Let’s make it happen!

Concrete and brick recycling are becoming more mainstream. A1 Concrete Recyclers already have decades of experience in the industry. When you need an expert, call A1 Concrete Recyclers on 02 9820 5544 or 0412 473 755.

Where is A1 Concrete Recyclers?

A1 Concrete Recyclers’ site is in Minto near Campbelltown at 32 Saggart Field Rd. The site is only 8 minutes’ drive from the Campbelltown Sports Stadium (home of NRL stars Jarryd Hayne, Israel Folau and Krisnan Inu).

Directions: Once on Pembroke Road, head north until you reach a roundabout where you will see Rose Park on your right. At this roundabout turn left onto the first exit (Ben Lomond Rd). Just over 1km up Ben Lomond Rod, turn right (3rd exit) on to Cary Grove. Saggart Field Rd is down the end to the right.

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