Panel & Block Manufacturing

Interlocking Concrete Blocks, Concrete Retaining Wall Blocks,

Concrete Panels and Concrete Sleepers

A1 Concrete Recyclers is Sydney’s one-stop-shop for locally made panels, blocks and sleepers.

All products have diverse applications, are durable and environmentally friendly. They are quick and easy to install and require no mortar (no mess and save on costs).

Panel and block manufacturing includes:

• Small interlocking concrete blocks (600 x 600 x 600)
• Large interlocking concrete blocks (1200 x 600 x 600)
• Concrete retaining wall blocks
• Concrete panels (2400 x 1200 x 200)
• Concrete sleepers

A1 Concrete Recycler’s engineered panel and block products are made to stringent specifications and are great value for money.

If you are looking for a different block or panel, give us a call today (02 9820 5544 or 0412 473 755) to see how we may be able to help you!

You are welcome to visit us at 32 Saggart Field Rd, Minto. We are on site Mon-Fri (8am to 4.30pm).

What can concrete blocks and panels be used for?

Concrete panel and block manufacturing has been used in architectural design and construction since the post-war era.(1) The applications are endless due to the structural integrity and finishes available across the range.

13 Clever Ways to Use

Interlocking concrete blocks, wall blocks, panels and sleepers

• Material storage bays
• Security barriers
• Retaining walls
• Temporary earth retaining walls for project sites
• Fire breaks
• Counterweights
• Panel fencing
• Free standing walls
• Garden walls
• Planter boxes
• Fences
• Sheds

Unlike wood and other traditional materials, A1’s concrete blocks and panels can withstand moisture, heavy rain, large wind loads and salty air. They also improve the energy efficiency of buildings under the harsh Australian sun.

Concrete Sleepers – Various designs and Colours

When designing with concrete, architects and designers may need a natural variation in colour. However, some designs may call for a single consistent colour. You can opt for the natural colour of the blocks or choose from A1 Concrete Recycler’s designs and colours.

Dry Stacking Saves Money and Time

Save on mortar materials and mortar application time. As interlocking concrete blocks do not require mortar, you can save on installation time and extra project costs. What’s even better is they can be used straight away as you can avoid curing time.

Long Lasting and Durable

No long-term maintenance required. This is critical in coastal areas where products need to be re-treated to prevent moisture and salt damage. A1 Concrete Recycler’s pre-cast concrete products are made to high standards. By manufacturing off the project site tradesmen can avoid ‘cast-in-place’ concrete. Designers and tradesmen can all rest knowing that the product will not succumb to the weather, accidental damage or lengthy curing.

Easy Installation

With manufacturing happening off-site, products arrive on site ready to install. This frees up space that would have been taken up with cement and mortar supplies. It also frees up time so builders can work on other tasks.

Engineered Lifting Pin

The engineered, certified ‘SwiftLift’ lifting pin from Reid makes installation a breeze. Every block has a lifting point which has undergone thorough testing.

For more information on the SwiftLift foot anchors, please visit:

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