Sustainable and Affordable Alternatives

Recycled Crushed Concrete, Roadbases, Aggregates, Interlocking Blocks, Panels and Sleepers

A1 Concrete Recyclers have been delivering exceptional service and quality products since the business establishment in 1985.

We are proud to be supporting and educating the industry as it moves towards greener, more affordable recycled products.

A1 Concrete Recyclers offer three dynamic services

  • Removing and accepting concrete rubble from construction sites.
  • Recycling rubble and waste that would have otherwise gone to landfill.
  • Turning recycled materials into new quality products.

A1 Concrete Recycler’s recycled crushed concrete is clean and of superior quality. It can be used in a huge range of applications.

 Looking for recycled crushed concrete prices? Contact the friendly A1 Concrete Recyclers team to discuss crush sizes and quantities.

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Three Significant Challenges Being Urgently Addressed by Governments Around the World

  • The increase in demand of construction materials.
  • The over-exploitation of natural resources and environment devastation.
  • Shortage of natural resources to fulfil demand.

With advancements in technology and processing, recycled crush concrete products are as good as, if not superior than virgin materials. It is no surprise that globally, construction industries are using quality, value for money and easily obtained recycled crushed concrete products.

Incoming products for recycling

A1 Concrete Recyclers accept the following product types for recycling:

  • Brick
  • Concrete
  • Roof Tiles
  • Concrete & Brick Mixed

For information on the products recycled and the benefits of using recycled crushed concrete please click here.


Outgoing Products for Purchase to the Public and Industry

After recycled materials have been processed, they are turned into quality products that easily compete with virgin quarried equivalents.

  • 20ml – ROADBASE
  • 40/20ml – AGGREGATE
  • 60/40ml – AGGREGATE

To learn more about the road bases and aggregates A1 Concrete Recyclers produce and to find out why they are in such huge demand, please click here.

Panel & Block Manufacturing

Whether your project requires panels, blocks or sleepers, you’ll find everything you need in A1 Concrete and Recycler’s product range.

Concrete Interlocking Blocks

A1 Concrete Recycler’s concrete interlocking blocks are versatile, strong and ‘Australia-proof’. They are ideal for interior and exterior applications thanks to their:

  • Long lifespan
  • Minimal ongoing maintenance
  • Dry stacking – no mortar required
  • Resistance to moisture, salty ocean air and fire
  • Easy installation
  • Certified lifting pin

Available in:

  • Concrete interlocking Blocks (small)             600 x 600 x 600
  • Concrete Interlocking Blocks (large)            1200 x 600 x 600

Concrete Panels

Concrete panels have been an aesthetic and practical choice in architecture for almost a century. Have you explored how you can use concrete panels in your next build or design? Concrete panels also have an engineered and certified lifting pin. I

  • Concrete Panel   2400 x 1200 x 200

The applications are so diverse that we cannot possibly list them all here! Retaining walls, bays, fireproofing and fencing are just some of the many uses of these products.

For the complete list and more on A1 Concrete Recycler’s Concrete Interlocking blocks, concrete panels and the concrete sleepers below please contact us or click here.

Concrete Sleepers – Various designs and Colours

Concrete sleepers tick the box for practicality, strength and aesthetics. These days, concrete sleepers aren’t drab products kept for railway tunnels. They are now a key part of design. Not only that! They are the perfect product to withstand the Australian weather.

A1 Concrete Recyclers have a range of designs and colours to choose from.

Contact the team (02 9820 5544 or 0412 473 755) or drop in to the Minto site (32 Saggart Field Road)!